Rewards Program

Join our rewards program for exclusive discounts and specials!

Enjoy $10 in rewards for every 130 points you earn. For every $1 spent, you earn 1 point. Receive double points during Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm.

Additionally, we’ll waive the cover charge on select events when you show your card.

Casey’s Rewards Program, it’s just one way we like to say thanks.


Q: Are there any fees associated with Casey’s Loyalty Rewards?
A: No, Casey’s Loyalty Rewards Cards are free, and there is no membership fee.
Q: Do I need a physical card?
A: Once you have signed up, your phone number will be your account number. No need for another plastic card in your wallet!
Q: What are Casey’s Loyalty Reward points?
A: Each dollar counts as one point on your account. During Happy Hour, M-F 3-6pm you earn double points. Once you have accrued 130 points, you will be issued a $10 loyalty reward to your account that you can use on your next visit to Casey’s.
Q: Can I earn points when I use a coupon or discount?
A: Yes. You will earn points for every dollar spent, excluding taxes and tip.
Q: Can I earn Casey’s Loyalty Reward points and redeem them on the same visit?
A: There is a 24-hour processing timeframe that is required to convert points into a redeemable reward, when applicable. However, if you already had a reward on your card, you can redeem that PLUS earn points on the remainder of the bill that you pay.
Q: What about offer notifications I receive via email?
A: In addition to the loyalty rewards you may also receive personalized offers via email on certain occasions. To redeem, just give your server your card or phone number. Your offers are automatically loaded on your account.
Q: How do I redeem my Casey’s Loyalty Rewards?
A: After you have accrued 130 points on your account, your rewards will automatically be applied to your check. They can look up your account via your phone number or Loyalty Rewards card.
Q: How do I find out if I have points and rewards on my card?
A: A Casey’s staff member can look up your account stats with your phone number.